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Following its creation about a year ago and after a great deal of work, Hidral’s Moscow-based Russian subsidiary “OOO HIDRAL RUS” is now operational.

Russia, one of the members of the emerging “BRIC” economies (Brazil, Russia, India and China), is currently undergoing a process of modernisation and development. And it is within this economic environment that Hidral is today consolidating its position and continuing with its policy of expansion, with the opening of an office in a market that has seen a large increase in export sales for the company in recent years.

From now on, orders for the Russian market will be processed by the Moscow office, ensuring faster and more specialised customer service, which will become even more efficient with the imminent opening of a spare parts warehouse to support our after sales service.The office is only the first step in the process towards the future opening of a factory in Russia.

You can now access the subsidiary’s contact details through the Hidral website.