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Hidral is introducing a new model of Platform Stair-lift. The SH -300i

Hidral is introducing a new model of Platform Stair-lift. The SH -300i
Hidral is launching a new model of our inclined Platform Stair-lift for Persons of Reduced Mobility on wheelchairs capable of handling big size Persons using heavy motorized wheelchairs.
The renovated aesthetics, the sturdiness present on all Hidral designs and the integration to the surroundings makes the SH300i the first of a full range of inclined and vertical Platform stair-lifts that are been renovated.
This model has is fitted with a size floor of 1250x900 mm with a load capacity of 300kg and the opening and closing of the platform is fully automatic for an easier use by an unassisted user. While in parked position, the arms are folded inside the car floor. Optionally can be provided with a folding seat.
"Easy to..." has been the main objective during design.  Easy to use by an unaccompanied PRM and easy to install  by our business Partner, the Lift company.
 Complies with the new machine directive and with all safety aspects of the European harmonized norm EN 81-40.
To download the launching leaflet, please click here: