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One product for each need

  • Goods Lifts

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    Goods Lifts

    Vertical - only transportation of goods or transportation of goods with attendant for very varied applications and  high adaptability within the industry.

  • Scissor Lifts

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    Scissor Lifts

    Lifting loads/persons for relatively short heights; has many and diverse industrial uses, always as fixed-position elevator.

  • Service Lifts

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    Service Lifts

    Lifts specially designed for vertical transport of small loads, with a variety of applications in the services sector: restaurants, hotels, offices, libraries, warehouses, hospitals...

  • Accessibility

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    A wide range of platforms designed for the removal of architectural barriers to facilitate the integration and independence of person with impaired mobility.

  • Residential Lifts

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    Residential Lifts

    Manufacturing of passenger lifting platforms and lifts to be installed in private houses, apartment buildings and buildings to rehabilitate.

  • Commercial Lifts

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    Commercial Lifts

    Design and manufacture of elevators for the commercial and services sector, with great adaptability and options depending on usage.

  • Goods and Passenger Lifts

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    Goods and Passenger Lifts

    Elevators and lifts for the transport of heavy loads. They are versatile solutions that are ideally suited to the requirements of space, loads, environment ...

  • Car Lifts

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    Car Lifts

    Manufacture both lifts as elevators for vertical transportation of vehicles including their occupants.

  • Special Lifts

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    Special Lifts

    We can undertake special projects at the request of our clients: panoramic lifts, mobile stages for theatres, lifts for heliports or any other type not included in our catalogue.

    We can fully adapt to the needs of our clients by manufacturing lifting solutions for operation in special locations, such as wet, corrosive or open-air environments or those in which a risk of explosion or fire exists.