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DH passenger lifts

​Lifts for people with reduced mobility are a great improvement for communities of neighbours and single-family houses, as they make life much easier for people with accessibility problems to certain places.

DH passenger lifts

Lifts for people with reduced mobility are a great improvement for communities of neighbours and single-family houses, as they make life much easier for people with accessibility problems in certain places.

However, even if we are very careful with our health, it is inevitable that we will grow older and, in the future, architectural barriers in our homes and buildings may become very difficult to overcome. For this reason, vertical lifts for people with reduced mobility are very useful.

In Hidral we are committed to an easy mobility for all those people who are not in the best conditions of mobility. Therefore, in the following article we will show you which are the types of vertical lifts we manufacture in our company, as well as the recommendations to take into account with this type of lifts and some of their characteristics. Types of vertical lifts

As we have already mentioned, a vertical lift is one of the best solutions to improve accessibility in neighbourhood communities, single-family houses, commercial premises... In Hidral we have two types of vertical lifts for people with reduced mobility.

On the one hand, we have the PH-300 vertical platform, ideal for short distances. This model is perfect for small unevenness in public places and private residences. The PH-300 vertical platform is capable of eliminating architectural barriers to guarantee autonomy for people with physical disabilities.

It has a speed of 0.1 metres per second, supporting up to 300 kg of weight with a maximum travel of 1.5 metres. In addition, it does not require a very large space for its installation, as it has an automatic lateral displacement protection located in the lower boarding of the platform.


On the other hand, we have the PH-400 model. This vertical platform is perfect when it is a question of assisting two floors with no more than four metres between them, when there is no possibility of making a pit suitable for the installation of a normal lift or when the height of the top floor is lower.

To install the PH-400 model, a small pit is required, which can be avoided by installing a ramp. Furthermore, it is not necessary to install a machine control panel, as the control panel and the hydraulic unit are located inside the structure.

It allows a load of up to 300/400 kilograms at a speed of 0.15 m/s, with a maximum distance of 4 metres.


Recommendations for the use of vertical lifts for people with reduced mobility

We must take into account that, in order to achieve adequate accessibility for people with reduced mobility to vertical lifts, it is necessary to have sufficiently large dimensions so that the wheelchair can access without much difficulty.

For these cases, there are some compulsory measures, in the case of having this type of platform in public spaces, so that its use is much safer. There are also other types of measures recommended in the case of private spaces.

In addition, it is necessary to have free space for the correct manoeuvring of the wheelchair, both at the entrance of the platform and at the exit.

As far as their use is concerned, we already know that this type of lifts are specially designed for people with reduced mobility, but it is possible that some people who have difficulty going up or down flights of stairs may use them. For this reason, it is possible to place elements such as handrails, in order to have a better adaptation of the elevator for this type of people.

Benefits of having vertical lifts

Vertical lifts are just one of the many solutions that have been developed in recent years to offer a better quality of life to people with mobility difficulties.

However, this type of tool is one of the most practical and reliable for this sector of the population that has been unprotected for so long. They are undoubtedly the best solution when our objective is to break through a low architectural barrier with little space.

It should be noted that they are easily adaptable to any place, and that their installation is very simple.

Moreover, they can be used both by disabled people and by people who have difficulty going up and down stairs, as well as prams and even shopping trolleys.

In short, vertical lifts can be defined as reliable and practical tools, which offer good safety, without affecting the aesthetics of the facade where they are installed.

Vertical lifts at competitive prices in Hidral

At Hidral we want people with reduced mobility to be able to access all places with the least possible difficulty. For that reason, we offer the best accessibility products for all those people who need it.

Our team of professionals is in charge of designing each lift or elevator model in a totally personalised way for all our customers. We offer innovative solutions to meet all the needs of each client.

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