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Does your building have a stairlift?

In today's society it is very important that accessible spaces are created to make life easier for people with reduced mobility or disabilities. At the moment, not all buildings are equipped with the necessary elements, so there is still a lot to do in this respect.

Does your building have a stairlift?

It is true that there are many places where it is compulsory to climb stairs, therefore, it is necessary to install stairlifts to allow access to people who need it. And if you are one of those who already have stairlifts in your home or building, let us tell you that you are very lucky, because this is a major advance in the field of accessibility.

From Hidral we want you to know the importance of having a stairlift in your building to allow access to anyone who needs it. Therefore, in this article we are going to explain the benefits of having a stairlift in a building.

Benefits of a stairlift

In our youth, when we rent (or buy) a flat or a house, we do not stop to think about the difficulties we may encounter in the future. It is for this reason that the vast majority of people live in places with large architectural barriers that sometimes make people's lives much more difficult.

A great solution to this problem is the installation of stair lifts that allow people to go up and down stairs with minimum effort. Below, we explain some of the main advantages of this type of installation.

They are adaptable to any type of staircase

There are different types of stairlifts that are able to adapt to both straight and curved flights. In addition, they can be installed both inside houses or buildings and outside.

They take up little space

This means that the aesthetics of the house or building in which it is installed are not excessively modified. In addition, it can be used perfectly while one person is walking up the stairs at the same time.

The installation process is minimal

It can even be installed in one morning and your house or building will not be disturbed by the noise of a construction site. It is a clean and quick set-up and can be used the same day it is installed.

A stairlift is simple and reliable to use as it provides greater safety and confidence when giving access to people who use wheelchairs.

It provides autonomy as it allows free movement for people with reduced mobility.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it will continue to operate even if there is a power cut, as it is made up of a battery system incorporated into the wheelchair that will prevent the machine from stopping, even if there is a blackout.

The safety offered by a stairlift to users

This type of installation offers a certain degree of safety not only to people who use them, but also to those who do not. For example, stairlifts have a safety system that prevents the machine from operating when children or unauthorised persons want to use it.

In addition, they are designed to be used with the greatest ease and safety for those people who do use them.

In any case, when the installation is completed, the specialist technicians who have been in charge of assembling it provide the user with a manual with all the necessary information in a perfectly detailed manner for its use.

It also incorporates a safety belt or harness to prevent any type of fall by the person using it.

Greater peace of mind for family members

Now that we know all the advantages that stairlifts can offer, it is more than clear that this type of system is one of the best solutions to help people who have lost their mobility.

It is good to appreciate that, although it is a costly solution, it offers an incredible comfort to the environment of people who cannot access different places in an adequate way.

When there is the same or a similar problem, we must always look after the safety and comfort of the person who suffers the disability. For this reason, the best option is to have a stairlift if you do not already have one.

Installation of stairlifts in HIDRAL

At Hidral we are committed to universal accessibility. For this reason we want to eliminate any architectural barrier to facilitate the integration of people with reduced mobility, thus achieving greater independence and quality of life.

Thanks to all our services of lifts, lifts, ramps, platforms and stair lifts we will achieve greater accessibility for all those people who need it.