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Get to know our goods lifts

Protecting the well-being and health of a company's workers also has to do with the type of devices available in the workplace.

Get to know our goods lifts

Many of the injuries that occur in buildings or industries are related to carrying heavy objects from one floor to another. The use of ladders is a huge risk that, in addition to compromising the integrity or even the life of the worker, also translates into leaving the worker inoperative for an indefinite period of time, as well as the payment of fines for not providing adequate working conditions. But, this is solved thanks to forklifts for goods.

What are goodslifts?

An industrial forklift refers to a special lift that has been manufactured in order to be used continuously throughout the working day. This device allows different weights and loads to be raised or lowered quickly, conveniently, comfortably and safely through the different floors of a building or industry. They are easy to operate and very safe, so that workers will be able to use them without any problem according to their own needs and, at the same time, they will favour the company's productivity.

Unlike a commercial lift, a goods lift does not have button panels inside the space where the goods go (the cabin). This is in order to reinforce the idea that they have not been manufactured for the transport of people, since their use is rougher, so to speak. For the same reason, they are made of more resistant and durable materials, with a much simpler aesthetics precisely because they are intended for the transport of goods, lacking the kind of comforts of a single-person or commercial lift.

Why use a goods lift?

Whether it is documentation, archives, boxes of goods of all kinds, raw materials and more, the goods lift is an extremely useful and practical solution for every company. In addition, it avoids the use of commercial passenger lifts, which are intended for human use, as well as inconveniences or possible accidents when transporting goods by this means.


A goods lift is extremely advantageous and adaptable, as they can carry large loads, from 50 kg to around 10 tonnes, depending on the model chosen. Of course, it will depend a lot on the needs of your company to determine what type of lift and load you have in mind to install there. For example, there are forklifts for the hospitality sector, which are really small and cramped for transporting crockery or dishes from the kitchen. As well as others that need to be big enough to transport pallets of goods.

Types of goodslifts

Although there are several types of forklifts for goods, the most commonly used models include hydraulic and electromechanical systems.

Hydraulic forklifts. This is a widely used lift whose weight range goes from 50 or 100 kg, up to 10 tons or more. As mentioned before, their dimensions will depend on their intended use. According to their operation, they have a hydraulic system with a hydraulic power unit where a hydraulic fluid is injected into one or more cylinders. This helps to move or displace both the device and the load inside it.

Electric goodslifts. They can also be electromechanical, and unlike the previous one, they are used to move objects or loads that are not very high. To do so, they use an electric motor, as well as a suspension system consisting of the weight of the forklift and a counterweight.

Hidral: goodlift trucks for goods

We are a company specialized in mobility solutions, both for people and companies. We have forklifts for goods, as well as residential elevators, car lifts, freight elevators, commercial lifts, among others. We offer you the EH freight elevator for goods with defined stop levels. Another one of our models is the EHMix Sideloader, which can be used as a goodlift or as a Sideloader. It is used for both retail and high volume production. Our goodlifts range from 100 kg to 10 tons.

At Hidral we offer you continuous improvement in our products and we also make design changes to offer quality and safety for users and customers. Learn more about the technical specifications of our forklifts for goods on our website, as well as their technical characteristics by downloading the files that you can consult there. Hidral is located in Polígono Industrial PARSI, calle 7, nº 3, 41016 Seville (Spain). You can contact us by phone +34 954 514 500, by fax +34 954 677 633 or by email