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​The functionality of a car lift

We are all familiar with lifts and many of us use them every day. However, these types of devices are not only used to access from one level to another in a house or building, but also have other applications.

​The functionality of a car lift

We are all familiar with lifts and many of us use them every day. However, these types of devices are not only used to access from one level to another in a house or building, but also have other applications. Such is the case of car lifts, a term that will probably be a bit curious or unknown to some, but which are widely used nowadays. That is why on this occasion we will talk about what they are and about the functionality of a car lift.


What are car lifts?

If you have been wondering how to raise or lower a vehicle without having to drive it, you already have the answer to the question of what a car lift is. Car lifts are a type of lift that is used to move both vehicles and people to different heights, that is, in buildings or homes that lack the space to have an access ramp. But they are also used for those who need to save space in order to provide more parking spaces.


Car lifts are usually placed in one or more basements in a parking area, so that vehicles can enter or leave the different floors more easily. However, car lifts can also be found in car dealerships and garages because they are a good solution for more space. Moreover, they are lifts with a high load capacity, around 4,500 kg or maybe more. They are certainly an excellent choice for public parking places, places with a lot of traffic and also for office and residential buildings.


What types of car lifts are there?

Generally speaking, there are two types of car lifts, hydraulic and electric, and the choice of one or the other will depend on the number of floors to be transported by the vehicle in question. They must be capable of centring the vehicle and being able to enter and exit the vehicle easily. Their structure must be highly resistant to impacts and to the weight of the vehicle and its occupants. Car lifts can be of the platform type or have a cabin.


Other factors to consider are capacity, speed, whether they will require a pit, or need exhaust, the limit of travel, etc. Hydraulic car lifts operate on Pascal's principle. With two or up to four columns, they combine two cylinders, thanks to which more pressure is exerted on each other in order to be able to lift more weight. For this purpose, a pump with an electric motor is used to transport the fluid from the mechanism to a cylinder in order to lift the lift.



Car lifts can have support arms to favour the stability of their structure and the number of levels will depend on the type of installation. It is necessary to verify the positioning of the vehicle and that there are no objects in the cabin or platform that could damage the car lift mechanism or even the vehicle. A push-button mechanism is used to operate it, although its operation will depend on the model of the car lift. Finally, the vehicle will be removed by operating the corresponding mechanism by means of a push-button system.


Hidral Car Lift

At Hidral we have the right car lift model for your needs, whether it is the QHV car lift or the ECH car lift. The ECH lift is a model that has been designed to move vehicles vertically (with occupants included) and is characterized by its high quality and stability, compared to other models of car lifts that are on the market. It has a double column design, which gives it greater resistance and strength, being able to support more load. But in addition, the ECH car lift can also reach a width of up to 3 metres and support a load of 2,000 to 3,500 kg, with a maximum travel of 7 m and a maximum speed of 0.10 m/s.


In the case of the QHV car lift from Hidral, we recommend it especially for residential buildings, offices or public car parks. This model of car lift is ideal for places where space is required. Among its qualities are its security systems (vehicle centring). But it can also be equipped with a double switched power unit or with an emergency motor pump (in the event of damage to the main drive unit).


Hidral: car lifts according to your needs

Of course, if you need other specifications regarding the maximum load that our forklifts can support, the travel, etc., please contact our specialists. We guarantee to offer you the closest forklift to your needs. Our team of engineers will provide you with a suitable and personalised solution. In addition to car lifts, we have forklifts, passenger lifts, commercial lifts, residential lifts, accessibility solutions and much more.


Learn more about the technical specifications of our car lifts and products on our website. Hidral is located in Polígono Industrial PARSI, calle 7, nº 3, 41016 Sevilla (Spain). You can contact us by phone +34 954 514 500, by fax +34 954 677 633 or by email