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Identify the manufacturing number of your EH

Do you need to identify the manufacturing number of your EH goodlift platform or your EHM goods and passenger lift?

Identify the manufacturing number of your EH

Do you need to identify the manufacturing number of your EH goodlift platform or your EHM goods and passenger lift?

We have detected the need to resolve some frequently asked questions and we have created a list on our YouTube channelto solve them.If you need to know the manufacturing number of an EH goodlift or an EHM goods and passenger lift, in this video we show you where you can easily find it:

Each goodlift of the EH family has an electrical panel, on the door of that electrical panel there is a screwed plate on which you can find the information of the device. You can find the following information:

Manufacturer: HIDRAL, S.A.

Pol. Ind. El Pino, Parc. 13 E

Seville (SPAIN)


Year of manufacture: 2020

Model: EH-1500

Max load: 1000 kg

And finally in the bottom right corner the Nº, this is the information you need to know the manufacturing number of your platform.

On the most recent models of our platforms, this information can be found on a sticker, also placed on the door of the electrical panel. This sticker, in addition to the information included on the previous sticker, gives information on the power of the electrical panel, the identification number of the equipment and the type of platform.


The Hydraulic power plant


If you want to identify the hydraulic power plant, it also has an identification plate on which you can find all the information about it.

In the top right corner you can find the identification number and then below it in two columns you can find:

- Model-type

- Flow-flow rate

- Power-voltage-voltage

- Voltage-voltage

- Solenoid valve power supply

The relevant data in this case to identify the number of the hydraulic power unit is the one in the upper right corner preceded by Nº, in this case it would be 31497.

Goods and passenger lfits

The EHM is a lift designed for the vertical transport of goods which, in addition, offers the possibility of the load being accompanied by the person handling it. Both the dimensions and the load levels of the EHM-1500 model for accompanied loading are perfect for loading and unloading goods with both manual and automatic pallet trucks, which makes it easy for the platform to adapt to each project and customer's needs.

It is a model that can lift loads of up to 2000kg and has very high safety measures that guarantee the well-being of the person handling the goods.

The EHM-1500 platforms offer load levels and dimensions that are more than adequate for loading and unloading by means of automatic or manual pallet trucks. The EHM-1500 platform offers the possibility of choosing between slatted or hinged floor doors according to the needs of the project. Depending on the loading needs, the space available or the possibilities offered by the project, you can choose between single or double doors, with central or side opening respectively.

Goods lifts 

The EH platforms are perfect for moving loads, in Hidral we offer a wide range of lifting platforms whose load ranges can range from 100 kg in the smallest of our models to 30 tons in the model with the highest capacity. Each project, each technical specification presents us with specific needs to which we adapt to perfection.

If you have any doubts about goods or goods and passenger lifts, we will be happy to answer them and we can make recommendations, both about maintenance and about the best products for your needs. Find out about our lifts and their technical specifications on our website, where we also detail their characteristics.

Hidral is located in Polígono Industrial PARSI, calle 7, nº 3, 41016 Sevilla (Spain). You can contact us by phone +34 954 514 500, by fax +34 954 677 633 or by email