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Mini-loads, the solution to vertical transport

The presence of mini-load lifts has become increasingly necessary and important in different types of shops and businesses such as restaurants and hotels, although it is also possible to find them in some homes. They are very useful tools that facilitate and speed up the work. At Hidral, we have different types of mini-loads for you. Read on and you will understand why you should install a mini-loader.

Mini-loads, the solution to vertical transport

The usefulness of a mini-load

First of all, a mini-load (also known as a dumbwaiter) is a type of lift designed and manufactured for the purpose of transporting small loads vertically. There are different types of mini-loads and they can be either hydraulic or electric.


Why are the different types of mini-loads so useful?

First of all, they are elements that offer a simple solution to the problem of transporting small and medium-sized objects between different floors of a building or business. This transport is carried out quickly, safely and comfortably.

The mini-loads are installed in all those businesses and companies that have facilities that occupy several floors and need to be connected. Some examples of businesses where the different types of mini-loads are very useful are hotels, restaurants, hospitals, residences, offices and libraries, among others.

In short, they are very useful in these types of businesses as they help to transport plates of food or books. After all, their main purpose is to make work easier for employees and to speed up the pace of work.



Types of mini-loads

There are different types of mini-loads, so you can choose according to your preferences and needs. Thus, we have two models of mini-loads: electric and hydraulic.

In the case of electric forklifts, they work by activating the movement of the cabin by means of an electric motor that is connected to the system through pulleys. It operates by adhesion and is controlled in such a way that starting and stopping is smooth and progressive.

Another type of mini-load lifts are hydraulic mini-loads, which in addition to an electric motor, have a pump. The movement is triggered by the hydraulic fluid in the pump pushing the cabin upwards. To lower, there is a valve that causes the fluid to return to where it was before so that the cabin is lowered without the need to use either the motor or energy.


Characteristics of mini-loads

Broadly speaking, the various types of mini-loads tend to share a number of general characteristics. Firstly, they usually support a load weighing between 50 and 100 kg, although Hidral's MTH model can carry loads of between 200 and 500 kg. In addition, they are low-noise elements with reduced dimensions, always taking into account the space and place where they are to be installed.

They are also energy efficient and easy to clean, thanks to the materials from which they are usually made. In terms of speed, the two types of mini-loads are usually similar, reaching 0.3 and 0.35 metres per second. On the other hand, they can travel up to 35 metres in distance, with the possibility of making many stops.

There are other characteristics that depend on the type of mini-loads and on appearance issues, such as the material, the type of doors, the possibility of installing a double cabin, etc.


Adapting the different levels in the spaces

You can see that mini-loads are key elements in many buildings and businesses. Not only do they facilitate the transport of goods between different floors, they are also very useful for workers or delivery people. Why? You're saving them the time and effort of going up and down stairs and you're helping them to be more agile and efficient in their work.

In addition, it should be taken into account that the adaptation of the levels in the spaces is regulated, and in no case can the installation of the mini-loads be an impediment to the normal functioning and use of other types of spaces in the building.


Be faster and speed up the pace with Hidral's mini-loads

As you have already read, mini-loads have endless advantages for you and your business and/or home. They make your employees' work easier and faster, allowing them to be more productive during their working day. If you are thinking about installing a mini-load, Hidral has the best options for you. You can check our website to learn more about the different types of mini-load lifts we offer, specifically the MH model and the MTH model. Choose one according to your preferences and the needs of your business and forget about unnecessary trips up and down the stairs thanks to Hidral's mini-loads.