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Advantages of a small home elevator

The advantages of incorporating a small home elevator are numerous. Lifts for residential homes facilitate accessibility and make our daily activities much more comfortable.

Advantages of a small home elevator

The avantages of incorporating a small home elevador are numerous. Residential lifts facilitate accessibility and make our daily activities much more comfortable.


Small lifts for small spaces


Small residential lifts are a real advantage for families living in a multi-story house, as their functionality can prevent people from carrying unnecessary weights, which in the long term can cause back problems and spinal discomfort.


Lower Energy consumption. This is a fact to take into account when buying residential lifts. It consumes between 2 and 2.2 Kw, similar to that of some household appliances, with the peculiarity that they work with the existing electrical voltage in most homes, so it is not necessary to increase the power of the meter and it is also possible to dispense with the need to contract specific line for their installation. Lower energy consumption, the electricity bill is usually a major burden on the family economy.


Installation is simpler. The work is less than when installing a conventional lifts. It takes about two weeks. Although its installation depends on several factors, such as the location, the type of installation, the availability of the client and other factors.


Lower maintenance costs. Its maintenance is carried every four months, and not every month like conventional lifts. At the same time, its price is more affordable, as both maintenance and construction costs are lower than those of a traditional lift. It should also be taken into account that the cost of the lift is paid for by the family, which is an added cost and a very important advantage for the family to take into account.


Greater optimisation of available space. The dimensions of domestic lifts are small, so the pit size is smaller, if required by the customer. Because these residential lifts can be installed without a pit or with a small pit. Likewise, these residential lifts do not require a machine panel.


Improve accessibility People with reduced mobility, whatever their degree of impairment, have absolute accessibility, as do the elderly. It also improves the quality of life in the home.


Security is guaranteed. Because the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of domestic lifts comply with very demanding regulations to guarantee the safety of users. For this reason, if the system is well designed, the lift has a mechanism, invented in 1852, based on a flexible leaf spring. Due to the physical process, the fall of the car is stopped when the steel cables that pull it are cut. Thanks to this invention, skyscrapers could be built in New York.


Utility of small lifts in single-family houses


Small lifts in single-family houses are very useful and simple, but their speed is slower. They are able to save heights of up to 15 meters, with covers five to six storeys in height.


The first step for tic installation is to Think about ils location, with is wha in many homes the lift is located in the stairwell or in an outside courtyard. Similarly, for ils correct installation it is necessary to look for a safe electrical connection, wich has the appropriate protections. To ensure this safety, it has been agreed since 2015 that all single family lifts must be registered in the RAE (Registrado de Aparatos Elevadores). This registration directly generates an identification number indicating that all requirements have been met. If this procedure is not carried out, the lift cannot be put into operation.


It does not present any problems, as the lift can be silent, thus contributing to a comfortable environment within the family home, not distributing parents while they work or young peoples while they study.


Many people prever residencial lifts to stars because of their various avantages and convenientes, avoiding the ride of a dangerous fall down the stars and improvisó the Quality of Life in the home. It is a tool that helps pepones to transport heavy items. This prevents future back problems or pains, with can be very painful and intense, so we must avoid being overweight whenever we carry heavy loads. However, physical exercise is vital for the healthy maintenance of the person, otherwise it can lead to obesity and problems derived from it. This is why it is so important to include daily habits in our routine.


Hidral residential lifts are designed to make life easier for the inhabitants of the home and facilitate day-to-day travel to the upper floors of the house. It also contributes to family health care.