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The usefulness of scissor lifts

Scissor lifts are a working tool for operators who work from heights. They are often used in industrial sectors, in construction or in the arts.

The usefulness of scissor lifts

The scissors lifts are a working tool for operators who work from heights. They are often used in industrial sectors, in construction or in the arts.


Plateform lifts have not been around forever, but are a recent invention.


In 1915, the first forklift trucks were developed, with could move loads horizontally and vertically. During World War I, a platform was designed that allowed goods to be raised and lowered. Later, in 1920, hydraulic power was introduced and in 1923 the first forklift was introduced. Today, platform lifts have changed as they have had to comply with exhaust emission standards.


What is a scissor lift?


Scissor lifts are self-propelled machines made of crossed tubes. These tubes are a metallic chassis that is placed on top of the scissor-shaped metallic structures during the raising and lowering of the basket.


There are two types of scissors platform, the electric scissor platform and the all-terrain scissor platform. Electric scissor lift are compact machines with solid, non-marking tires. They are usually used on concrete surfaces. All-terrain traction platforms are recommended for construction and maintenance work with difficult access, loose soil, sandy, uneven or muddy terrain.


They can also be classified according to the type of energy used to move them. Thus, there are diesel scissor lifts and electric scissor lifts. The former are self-propelled lifts powered by a combustion engine. These platforms are suitable for workers who need more space than they have in the basket and a greater lifting capacity. As these platforms have a sliding basket extension at one end, they offer more space and reach. They are also recommended for people who need more power to move around a work area or who are going to make strenuous efforts, such as driving on sloping or uneven terrain, for example, climbing ramps. These platforms are characterised by the fact that they can climb slopes ranging from 25% to 50%, as these machines are equipped with exceptional 4x4 capabilities. And, also, it is the right lift for those operators who are going to perform repetitive work, as it is easy to handle. Electric scissor lifts are battery-powered scissor lifts.

The battery is very important , as it is the engine if the machine, but is also acts as a counterweight, in order to give the machine stability. There are two types of batteries for these forklifts. The traction battery is the one recommended for a working day( it does not usually cause many problems). And the deep cycle battery, which provides energy in a sustained and safe manner until its discharge reaches 80% of its capacity.


If you are thinking of buying a platform lift you should take into account the height of the lift (which can measure up to 23 meters), the width of the platform (in case you have to move through narrow areas), the surface area of the work platform and the maximum load capacity (including operators, materials and tools). And, depending on your needs, choose the one that best suits the use you are going to make of it.


How does the scissor lift work?


They are used in construction and facility maintenance applications, where ceilings are very high, to lift both workers and other products or materials. They range from 6 meters, to 18 vertical meters, as the movements allowed are those ascending and descending, by means of a system of cylindric cylinders. Another advantage of these lifts is the small amount of space they can take up, as they can be easily compressed and extended.


They have been designed with safety and efficiency in mind. Therefore, they are produced with the best materials and with the maximum quality guarantee. This lifting system is usually used in multiple services, such as electrical and plumbing installations, fire-fighting systems, industrial cleaning, maintenance of tunnels and open-plan warehouses, and for the construction and renovation of homes in the area of lifting.


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