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Personalised elevators: adapting vertical mobility to specific needs

Elevators are a fundamental element in our daily lives, facilitating our vertical movements in buildings. However, for some people with special needs, such as wheelchair users or those with any type of reduced mobility, accessing the upper floors can be challenging.

Personalised elevators: adapting vertical mobility to specific needs

How do personalised elevators work?


We design personalised elevators to meet the specific requirements of people with mobility limitations. These elevators are equipped with special features such as wheelchair adapted dimensions, easy to reach controls and improved safety devices to ensure safe use. Thanks to these customised features, people with special needs can enjoy unimpeded vertical mobility.

Advantages of personalised elevators


One of the main advantages of personalised elevators is the improved accessibility for people with reduced mobility. Buildings equipped with this type of elevator meet accessibility standards and allow everyone to move freely, without any barrier. Moreover, these personalised elevators can be installed in different environments, including residential homes, commercial buildings, hospitals or public places, resulting in a versatile solution to meet a wide range of needs.


Personalised elevators can accommodate not only wheelchairs, but also other specific requirements. For example, some people may need larger elevators to fit medical equipment, trolleys or heavy loads. Others may require elevators with voice controls to facilitate their use (for example, people with visual impairments). Customization of elevators addresses a broad variety of needs, offering a personalised solution for each user.

Below, you can find several examples of vertical elevators advantages:


1. Highly intuitive operation, just hold the up or down button until you reach the desired floor and the elevator will stop automatically. Each landing has a call button. It is possible to install keys to use the elevator and provide greater safety and control. In some models you can also use a remote control for its use.


2. Comfort and safety. These elevators are equipped with features for smooth acceleration and stops without jumps or vibrations. As for safety, they are designed with closed mechanisms, rescue batteries in case of power failure, obstacle detectors, anti-trap devices, etc.


3. Greater versatility than other lifting systems. Vertical stairlifts allow, depending on its dimensions, to accompany a person with mobility issues or to transport shopping carts, baby carriages and other objects.


4. Optimization of staircase space. As they are installed outside the staircase, they do not take up that space and, in most cases, do not require a machine room.

It is possible to install it outdoors. There are special models for outdoor use.


5. Reduced power consumption. Most vertical low rise elevators are equipped with either an electric drive by means of an auger or hydraulic systems for their movement. Both can operate with a single-phase connection with a power consumption of 750 W to 1200 W depending on the manufacturer.


6. Very simple installation. This elevator fits almost any space, which is why many of its elements are already pre-assembled and adapted at the factory, avoiding the need for construction work in many cases.

What are the required elements for the installation of a customised elevator?


To install a personal elevator, you need to have enough space in your home or building, electrical access point and maintenance contract with a company that specializes in personalised elevators. Compliance with current safety and accessibility standards is equally important.

Technological advances in the elevator industry

Vertical transportation solutions are evolving rapidly with the increasing number of skyscrapers. A vertical transportation system consisting of high-speed elevators where separate groups of elevators are used for a number of floors has generally proven to be the most effective in this area from the point of view of passengers and space, which creates the need for upper corridors.

Hidral offers you accessibility solutions


At Hidral we provide accessibility solutions, a wide range of options tailored to the specific needs of each customer. In close collaboration with our clients, our experts analyze the specific requirements of every project and offer customised solutions. They consider technical, architectural and aesthetic limitations to suppy personalised elevators that meet customer expectations and integrate harmoniously into their environment. Whether to improve accessibility in residential buildings, provide mobility solutions in commercial establishments or adapt elevators to the needs of hospitals and health centers, Hidral is committed to the design and manufacture of high quality and reliable personalised elevators.