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Residential lifts: improving comfort and accessibility in modern homes

One of the biggest advantages of modernity has to do with comfort. It is therefore understandable why the accessibility of residential lifts is becoming an indispensable element required by more and more buildings. So much so that the possibility of including a residential lift is even considered in the construction of a single-family house. The option of carrying out the necessary works or reforms to incorporate this type of elevator is also assessed in existing homes.

Residential lifts: improving comfort and accessibility in modern homes

This is not only a practical matter of facilitating vertical movement from one floor to another, but can also be both functional and essential. The latter does not concern only people who for some particular situation require help to move: the accessibility of residential elevators also optimizes the space and increases the value of the property. 

Build your dream home by incorporating a residential lift

For many people, having a residential lift to facilitate access to the home is a necessity, a practical investment that allows them to move from one level of the building or house to another without having to rely on the mandatory use of stairs. A lift in homes facilitates effortless movement between floors and helps with everyday loads such as shopping, luggage or any other weight.

In addition to offering accessibility and independence, today's models also add design and sophistication. These devices blend in aesthetically with the rest of the house, besides having a very neat appearance and finish. It is even possible to customize them according to our tastes, sometimes being able to choose certain materials and finishes, colors and interiors. 

Residential lift for reduced mobility

Residential lifts offer the benefit of accessibility and independence for all their users. This is particularly important for those who have limited or restricted mobility, either temporarily or permanently. Living with a residential lift is essential for someone who uses crutches, uses a wheelchair, has a high-risk pregnancy, has undergone recent surgery or is of advanced age. In this way, this device helps them regain their independence and move without barriers between the different levels of the home.

On the other hand, there is the issue of comfort. A residential lift is an indispensable component for those who need to carry everything from a laundry basket to a small piece of furniture or, for example, a child in their arms. There is no need to climb stairs, but simply use the elevator in the house. Not only is this convenient, it is also a time-saver. 

Optimize the space in your home with an individual lift

The long and winding staircases, once elegant and solemn, are a thing of the past. Today we seek to optimize and take advantage of the space in our homes to the greatest extent possible, especially because the growth is vertical. For this, it is best to have the accessibility offered by a residential lift. So instead of planning with the architect how or where the stairs will go, it is better to install a home lift. It takes up little space and can be located virtually anywhere.

Increase the value of your home with a single-person elevator

If at any time, for an indeterminate reason, you plan to sell your property, it will increase its value much more if it has a residential elevator. This important element will make it much more attractive to people who, precisely, seek accessibility and functionality. From people with little or no mobility, to those who want to enjoy the comfort, luxury and practicality of this type of elevators. It is undoubtedly a very attractive component in the real estate market. 

Residential lift safety and reassurance

It is possible to be almost convinced of the benefits of having a residential elevator in a modern home. However, there may still be a couple of doubts out there. For example, what would happen in the event of a power outage, whether it will be expensive to maintain, or even who would install and maintain it. It should be mentioned that, in addition to the accessibility they offer, residential lifts are extremely safe. They are equipped with advanced security systems that prevent a person from being trapped. And, of course, they guarantee a smooth and safe ascent and descent, with an average of 0.15 m/s. They are also easy to use and consume less energy than a commercial elevator. 

Hidral, extensive experience in manufacturing elevators and lifts

With regard to the installation and maintenance of a residential elevator in Spain, Hidral is a company with extensive experience in manufacturing elevators and lifts. Discover the types of residential elevators we install, such as the direct acting hydraulic lift, which complies with the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42 and the EC Examination Certificate. Contact Hidral to learn more about the different types of elevators and lifts we design and manufacture. Our specialists will give you a personalised service and provide you with all the necessary documentation so that you can get to know all our products.