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Custom Vertical Displacement Solutions: Discover the Benefits of Personalised Elevators

Custom vertical displacement is a growing need in the lifting and accessibility industry. Every user, whether in a residential complex, a commercial enterprise or a medical centre, has unique requirements in terms of lifts and lifts that facilitate movement in the facility. This is where the importance of personalised lifts comes into play.

Custom Vertical Displacement Solutions: Discover the Benefits of Personalised Elevators

The personalised lifts are designed to meet the specific demands of each customer. In this article, we will explore the various benefits of opting for custom vertical displacement solutions and see how they make a significant difference in the comfort, efficiency and safety of vertical transport.

The importance of customization in vertical displacement


Custom vertical displacement has gained considerable relevance in the industry because standardised lifts may not adequately fit the needs of certain spaces and users. Each building has unique characteristics, such as particular dimensions, foot traffic and special loading requirements. A tailor-made design ensures that the lift fits perfectly into the structure of the building and complies with all current safety regulations.


Advantages of personalized lifts


·         Safety and reliability: Personalised lifts are designed and built to the highest safety standards, giving users peace of mind knowing they travel in a safe and reliable means of transport. These lifts undergo extensive safety control tests before being put into operation, guaranteeing their long-term stability and performance.


·         Energy efficiency: Resorting to custom vertical displacement means adapting to the specific environment, which allows us to achieve greater energy efficiency. The optimisation of traction systems, the use of suitable materials and the implementation of advanced technologies contribute to reducing energy consumption and, therefore, operating costs.


·         Comfort and user experience: A personalised lift offers a superior user experience. From the design of the interior to the speed and noise level, everything can be customized to provide maximum comfort and satisfaction to the traveler.


·         Adaptability to different spaces: Buildings may have space restrictions that limit the installation of a standard lift. The advantage of a personalised lift is that it can be designed to fit into confined or unusual spaces, allowing virtually any building to have adequate vertical transportation.


·         Accessibility: Personalised lifts are especially valuable in ensuring accessibility for people with reduced mobility. They may be equipped with additional features, such as wider doors, accessible controls, and sufficient space for wheelchairs.


As you can see, thanks to the use of custom vertical displacement, lifts can be adapted to the specific needs of each customer. It is an indisputable advantage that also guarantees safety.


Diversity of custom vertical displacement solutions


Personalised lifts cover a wide variety of types and applications, covering a diverse range of needs. Some of the most common custom solutions are:


·         Goods Lifts: Ideal for transporting goods and cargo in different environments, from warehouses to commercial buildings.


·         Vehicle Lifts: Designed for the vertical transport of vehicles, guaranteeing the comfort and safety of drivers and passengers.


·         Residential Lifts: They provide a custom vertical displacement solution for people with reduced mobility in domestic and nursery homes.


·         Commercial Lifts: Perfect for the commercial and service sector, with adaptability for different capacities and requirements.


·         Scissor Lifts: Used for lifting loads and persons to relatively short heights in a variety of industrial and commercial applications.


·         Service Lifts: Designed for transporting small loads in confined spaces.


·         Special Lifts: Tailor-made projects that cover fully customized and challenging needs, allowing exceptional solutions for unique spaces. It is advisable to use the services of leading companies in the sector.


Nowadays, there are many custom solutions for vertical displacement. It is a growing trend in the lifting and accessibility sector that combines efficiency and comfort for users. The diversity of personalised solutions makes it possible to address a wide variety of applications and environments, ensuring that virtually any building can benefit from adequate vertical transport.


Hidral, an ascending path to success


At Hidral we have managed to be a leading company in the custom vertical displacement industry. Since its foundation in 1975, Hidral has been a benchmark in the field of lifting and accessibility, specialising in the creation of tailor-made solutions for every need. Our commitment to research, development and customer service has led us to a strong position in the global market, being present in more than 81 countries. With more than 20,000 m² spread over several facilities around the world, Hidral has demonstrated its ability to adapt to the challenges of the international market and offer self-manufactured products with the highest quality and safety.