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Improve logistics in your company with industrial goods lifts

Industrial goods lifts are essential equipment for improving logistics efficiency in a variety of companies. These sturdy and versatile devices are used for the movement of heavy and bulky loads in industrial environments, warehouses, distribution centres and other work areas.

Improve logistics in your company with industrial goods lifts

Their value lies in their ability to streamline loading and unloading operations, reducing handling times and optimising workflow. Industrial goods lifts

In addition, they are highly adaptable to the various needs of your company, with options for different load capacities and lifting heights. Their use provides an invaluable aid for movement between the different levels of the freight. Undoubtedly, industrial goods lift are essential to increase logistics efficiency in your company, improving freight handling, reducing operating costs and ensuring a more agile and competitive supply chain.

Functionality of industrial goods lift for your company

Industrial goods lifts have key features that make them essential tools in various industrial sectors. On the one hand, their load capacity can be impressive, being able to lift and transport weights ranging from a few tonnes to several tens of tonnes, depending on the model and configuration. Depending on the needs of dimensions, travel and load, the design of the type of goods lift can vary, as well as the type of cylinders, hydraulic power unit such and the type of suspension and guides, which makes them suitable for various environments and logistical needs.

On the other hand, safety is a priority in the design of industrial goods lift. They are equipped with advanced safety systems, such as detectors for cable loosening, wedging and unintentional movement with open doors depending on the model and use. All this ensures safe operation and reduces the risks of accidents in the workplace. In addition, industrial goods lift can be customized to meet specific requirements according to your industry sector. For example, in the food industry, they may have special finishes to facilitate cleaning and prevent contamination.


Choose the ideal industrial goods lift for your company with your required features

As we have seen, the aforementioned characteristics of industrial goods lifts make them suitable for all types of companies, regardless of the sector. Whether it's their enormous payload capacity, versatility, advanced safety systems or customisation options, they are essential for improving logistics efficiency and material handling in a wide variety of industry sectors.

In general terms and according to their operation, there are two types of industrial goods lift that are widely used: hydraulic systems and electrical systems. Hydraulic goods lifts are in great demand in various industrial sectors due to their impressive load range, ranging from light loads of 50 or 100 kg to heavy loads of 10 tonnes or even more. Their dimensions vary by regulations and needs, and they can be adapted to small spaces or larger environments.

These lifts operate by means of a hydraulic system that includes a hydraulic power unit which injects a fluid into one or more cylinders. This hydraulic action allows the machine and its load to move, guaranteeing a smooth and safe motion.

Additionally, electric goods lifts use an electric motor and suspension system that is based on a counterweight that balances the weight of the lift and the load. Both types of lifts are essential to streamline loading and unloading operations in industrial environments. The choice of one or the other type of traction may be taken into account in certain situations, but it is increasingly a blurred line that must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Their use improves logistical efficiency and ensures safe and effective material handling in the workplace.


At Hidral we have an industrial goods lift to improve the logistics of your company

We are a business that offers different mobility and loading solutions for companies, such as industrial goods lifts. For example, we have the EH goods only lift, with defined stop levels, or the EHMix goods lift with attendant, that may be used with or without passenger. These machines are used by retailers as well as for high volume production. If you need goods lift for your company, our models range from 100 kg to 10 tons.

At Hidral we customize your industrial goods lift according to your needs, under the highest quality and safety considerations. On our website you can learn more about the technical specifications of our industrial goods lift and their characteristics. We are located in Polígono Industrial PARSI, calle 7, nº 3. 41016 Seville (Spain). You can contact us on +34 954 514 500 or send us an email to