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The holding company that owns Hidral and Fine Access acquired an important stake (55%) in Gobel Projects in a deal signed on July 27th, 2012.

Gobel Projects is dedicated to the manufacture, import and distribution of lifts, ramps and safety elements that facilitate access to all kinds of passenger vehicles.

The agreement sees the creation of HIDRAL GOBEL, which will absorb Fine Access, another company dedicated to transport accessibility and similar products.

Major clients include Sunsundegui, Tata Hispano, Mercedes, Irizar and Castrosua, among others.

Although it already enjoys significant international presence due to its exports to countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Australia and China, HIDRAL GOBEL will now have an even greater international projection as it will be backed by Hidral’s presence in over 50 countries, where it enjoys steady growth and possesses, in addition to its facilities in Spain, a factory in Brazil and a branch in Russia.

Furthermore, in keeping with Hidral’s policy, investment will focus on research, development, and consolidation of the company’s industrial and financial capacity.