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Customised lifting solutions with unique designs

Customised lifting solutions with unique designs

In contemporary society, customised elevation solutions have completely transformed the way we conceive and use vertical spaces within buildings. Passenger lifts and goods lifts have become essential elements, not only in skyscrapers, but also in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. This search for options to verticality and lifting reflects the need for efficiency in the use of space and comfort in modern living.

In a world where time management is so valuable, the ability to move quickly between levels has become crucial. Not only do lifts offer a practical solution, but they have also improved accessibility and social inclusion in urban settings.

In this context, Hidral stands out by offering customised solutions in the field of lifting. Our attention to the specific needs of each client translates into lifts that are not limited to meeting quality and safety standards. They also adapt perfectly to the demands of modern life, contributing to the efficient and comfortable operation of buildings in various industries and sectors.


Functionality and uses of tailor-made lifts

The customised lifting solutions offered by Hidral cover both residential and commercial lifts, according to the specific needs of each environment. These systems operate using advanced mechanical and electronic principles to ensure safe and efficient vertical transport. In both residential and commercial lifts, electric traction systems are used for smooth performance, and safety devices such as emergency brakes and overload detection systems ensure user protection.

In the residential realm, these lifts prioritise comfort and adaptability in smaller spaces, while commercial lifts are designed to support more significant loads and traffic volumes.

At the same time, Hidral's industrial goods lifts, also part of its customised lifting solutions, use hydraulic or electric systems to lift and lower heavy loads with precision and safety. These systems are equipped with safety features such as fall arrest systems and precise controls to ensure safe handling of goods in industrial environments.

There is no doubt that Hidral's customised lifting solutions incorporate advanced technologies to provide efficient and safe vertical transport systems. In addition, they are adapted to specific applications in residential, industrial and commercial environments.


Discover the advantages of our customised lifts

1.      Improved accessibility: Passenger lifts and goods lifts offer an essential solution to improve accessibility in buildings, allowing vertical transport without barriers. This is especially beneficial in residential and commercial settings.

2.      Spatial efficiency: The customisation of these lifting solutions translates into adaptability to confined spaces, maximising spatial efficiency in buildings of any type. In households, the installation of lifts can be key to allowing comfortable access to all areas.

3.      Increased safety: Customised systems incorporate advanced safety technologies, such as fall arrest systems, emergency brakes and overload detection, ensuring safe vertical transport for both people and loads in their corresponding models.

4.      Load Versatility: Goods lifts offer the ability to transport heavy goods efficiently in commercial and industrial environments. The customisation allows to adapt the load capacity and the characteristics of the goods lift according to the specific needs of the place.

5.      Architectural adaptability: For lifts, customisation allows their harmonious integration into the architecture of any building, both in new construction projects and in refurbishments. This contributes to the overall appearance and value of the building.

6.      Energy efficiency: Incorporating modern technologies into customised lifting solutions reduces energy consumption, which is not only beneficial for sustainability, but can also lead to significant long-term savings.

Undoubtedly, tailor-made lifting solutions, such as residential lifts and goods lifts, offer advantages ranging from improving mobility and accessibility to optimising space use and providing safe and efficient vertical transport.


Hidral: customising modern lifting solutions

In the sector of customised lifting solutions, Hidral stands out in the manufacture and installation of its lifts in Spain. Trusting Hidral means choosing excellence, backed by an extensive and specialised track record in meeting the individual needs of our clients.

Explore the variety of residential lifts we install: you will find in our catalogue all the options we offer, making it clear that we adapt to any specific need. Our lifts comply with current regulations, such as the Machinery Directive 2006/42 and the EC Examination Certificate. At Hidral, we are not only proud to offer cutting-edge products, but also to ensure their compliance with the most demanding regulations and standards.

Located at Polígono Industrial PARSI, Calle 7, n.º 3, 41016 Sevilla (Spain), we are committed to providing additional information and clarifying any queries. Feel free to contact us on +34 954 514 500, fax +34 954 677 633, or write to us at We are here to ensure that your experience with our custom lifts is flawless and tailored to your specific needs.