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Hidral has recently delivered 11 large capacity lifts to one of our most important customers.

The lifts were built according to the specifications of our customer and were installed in a large store of a well known multinational.
The set of lifts consists of:
- One panoramic lift, rated for 3000 Kg.
- 7 passenger lifts with cars finished in stainless steel, of which 3 are rated for 5000 Kg. Most of these lifts run on Duplex controls.
- 3 lifts with cars appropriate for goods and passengers and rated for 3000 and 3500 kg.
The position of Hidral is becoming further consolidated day by day as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for large loads to the lifting industry, with a large range of lift cars available to suit the most different applications in department stores, hospitals or distribution facilities, as well as for use as vehicle lifts in office and residential buildings.
Specific lifting solutions are being developed constantly by our Engineering department for large loads from 2000 Kg to over 12 Tons, with all kinds of car designs including special height dimensions for use in theatres or museums.
To see more photographs:
Panoramic QH
Panoramic QH
Lifts for loading and passengers
Lifts for loading and passengers
QH Steel Cab
QH steel Cab