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Hidral has supplied the first units of our new Goods Lifts that can be operated by a trained attendant travelling with the load.

The EHmix Elevator, is an extension of our Goods only Lifts family developed under the new Machine Directive to be operated by a properly trained attendant.

The EHmix fits the needs of retailers, wholesalers, warehouses and other users, in the high and low hours of workflows. It provides two ways of operations:

1.    Conventional Platform Mode. Can be used as conventional goods only lift by means of the landing buttons and two different loading and unloading persons on each floor.

2.    Goods with attendant Mode.  Any properly trained person can operate the lift car by means of the COP. properly provided with key switch and hold-to-run push button that allows him to manage the entire process of loading-travel-unloading.

The EHmix is versatile: it can adapt to a range of loading area as required or to fit to a specific hoist (car widths from 0,7 to 2m and depths from 1,5 to 2,8m) and loads of 1000, 1500 and 2000 Kg.

In the next weeks we will be officially launching a brand new brochure and all technical documentations for this new product.

We do not disregard to extend, on demand, this “Goods Lift with attendant” solution to the rest of the Goods only Lifts EH family.

Click here to download the launch brochure: