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Identify the manufacturing number of your QH

Do you need to identify the manufacturing number of your QH commercial lift or UH residential lift?

Identify the manufacturing number of your QH

Do you need to identify the manufacturing number of your QH commercial lift or UH residential lift?

If you need to know the manufacturing number of a QH forklift or a UH residential lift, in this video we show you where you can easily find it.

On the door of each electrical panel of each platform of the QH family there is an electrical panel. On the side of this electrical panel there is a sticker with the information of the device. In it you will find a lot of information about the device, and in the upper right corner the number, this is the information you need to know the manufacturing number of your platform.

It may be the case that on older models of QH Hidral platforms the information is on a plate screwed to the frame, instead of the sticker format.

On newer models of our platforms this information is on a sticker, also placed on the door of the electrical panel.


The hydraulic power unit

If you want to identify the hydraulic control unit, it also has an identification sticker on which you can find all the information about it.

In the top right corner you can find the identification number and then below it in two columns you can find:

- Model-type

- Flow rate-flow

- Power-voltage-voltage

- Voltage-voltage

- Solenoid valve power supply

The relevant data in this case to identify the number of the hydraulic power unit is the one in the upper right corner preceded by Nº, in this case it would be.


Commercial lifts QH

Commercial lifts are the best known and most widely used type of lift. You can find them in a multitude of environments and this is because they are very adaptable to different sectors, such as the commercial and service sectors.

Thanks to their capacity and high safety measures, this type of lift is recommended for transporting a large number of people vertically, depending on their weight and capacity. This type of commercial lifts have the advantage of offering multiple options, this will be chosen taking into account the sector to which it will be destined to ensure that it meets all the expectations of the end user.

There is the possibility, for example, to choose between different types of finishes or the type of cabin configuration, making them customisable devices according to the intended use. In terms of load capacity, Hidral's QH model can range from 2000 to 6000kg, making its versatility one of the keys to its great success.


Residential lifts

Residential lifts are designed to move people vertically within single-family homes with little traffic. They operate at speeds of around 0.15 m/s and their travel and load characteristics are also adapted to their use.

They generally transport a single person, at most two, or a person carrying something or even to raise or lower some kind of object from one floor to another easily. On the other hand, single-person lifts have specific and specific systems for their use for transporting people, such as rescue devices, semi-automatic doors, are easy to operate and are expected to have little traffic. They are usually maintained by the company that installed them.