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Vehicle lifts: a new parking format

What is the best way to save space in cities? The car lift is the new solution.

Vehicle lifts: a new parking format

Saving space is highly valued in cities, where vertical utilisation is optimal, and parking is no exception. The adaptation of spaces is something that is always in mind, especially when a driver needs to park his vehicle, whether it is for a few minutes or even days. This is how car lifts, a new parking format, have emerged. These garage lifts have become an excellent solution for parking vehicles in buildings.

Vehicle lifts for buildings, what are they?

It is a lift system or garage lift that has sufficient strength and capacity to raise or lower a vehicle, either one or several levels, in a building car park. The principle used is very similar to that of the lifts we are all familiar with, and consists of a hydraulic system in which the car - hence the name - is mounted on a box, and which can be moved up or down.

Of course, this lift system is powerful and strong enough to lift or lower a vehicle weighing one or more tonnes safely, thanks to its hydraulic components and elements. And, as well as being safe, the car lift takes up little space, and its installation is simple and quick, without requiring a machine room. It also has a low energy consumption, it is silent and a person can even ride inside the vehicle, with total confidence and safety.

The car lift is also suitable for all types of buildings that require a garage or car park, and can be used not only for a public car park, but also for a single-family home. All this offers a great solution for those who need to park their car in a safe and practical way, as well as saving space and optimising it.


What types of vehicle lifts are there?

Car lifts can be divided into two types, according to how they work: hydraulic and electric. Either of them is specially designed for heavy and large loads. In order to know which one to choose, it is necessary to know how many levels the forklift will have to climb to transport the vehicle. In this sense, hydraulic forklifts are characterised, according to their operation, by their greater power.


Electric vehicle lifts

This type of electric or rather, electromechanical forklifts are so called because they combine both an electric and a mechanical system. That is, they use a motor-driven traction system (electric) that serves to raise and lower the cabin (or platform, depending on the version of the forklift) where the vehicle to be transported will be placed.


Hydraulic vehicle lifts

Hydraulic car lifts use Pascal's principle for their operation, and for this purpose they have two or even four columns, depending on the needs of the weight to be lifted. They also have a pump with an electric motor that is used to transport the fluid used to lift the lift.

In addition, their robustness allows them to load heavy vehicles without suffering any type of damage or deterioration, as well as being resistant and able to transport with or without a driver. They have a high load capacity of up to 4,500 kg or more. It is important to take into account the ability to centre the vehicle and to be able to enter or exit the receptacle without any problem. Within the types of forklifts, they can also be divided into models, those of the platform type or those with a cab. There are other types of forklifts, such as those with support arms to provide greater stability, those that offer positioning to the vehicle, as well as having buttons for operation.

And of course, in Hidral we offer you any other type of vehiclelift that fits your needs.


We have the perfect vehicle lift in Hidral

ECH vehicle lift

This vehicle lift system was designed for the vertical transfer of vehicles and their occupants, offering not only quality, but also stability, resistance and durability. It is characterised by its double column design, which gives it robustness and greater load capacity. Its width can reach up to 3 metres, with a load of 2,000 to 3,500 kg, it has a maximum travel of 7 m, as well as a maximum speed of 0.10 m/s.


QHV vehicle Lift

At Hidral we offer you parking solutions for every need, whether it is for neighbourhood communities, public car parks or office buildings. In the case of this car lift, the use of space is essential, as well as offering other qualities such as the centring of vehicles, which provides greater safety, as well as the option of a double central switch or with an emergency motor pump.


QHe vehicle lift

This is a new launch consisting of an electric QH car lift called QHe. In addition to the characteristics of the QH model, it is really optimised because it will be able to move loads of up to 6,000 kg (vehicle and passenger included), with a travel of up to 30 m and it will be able to make up to 10 stops.


Hidral: solutions to parking in buildings using vehicle lifts

At Hidral we specialise in designing quality lifts and lifts that offer solutions to space and mobility problems, such as car lifts. We also provide tailor-made solutions according to your needs in terms of a certain type of load, a certain route, among other characteristics. We have a complete team of professionals to offer customised forklifts according to your needs.

Find on our website other solutions for vertical transport, such as vehicle lifts, goods and passenger lifts, commercial lifts, residential lifts or accessibility solutions.

Hidral is located in Polígono Industrial PARSI, calle 7, nº 3, 41016 Sevilla (Spain). You can contact us by phone +34 954 514 500, by fax +34 954 677 633 or by email