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The usefulness of scissor lifts

The use of scissor lifts is becoming more and more widespread due to their efficiency and the good conditions they guarantee to the worker who uses them. In this post we explain everything related to scissor lifts.

The usefulness of scissor lifts

What is a scissor lift?
A scissor lift is a type of table-like support that, like a lift, raises and lowers. It is used to lift people and loads to partially short heights. It is commonly used in construction and plant maintenance, but is becoming more and more widespread both inside and outside industry.

How does the scissor lift work?
Scissor lifts get their name from their raising and lowering mechanism: an extendable structure made up of steel bars, joined at their ends in the shape of an X, which makes them work like scissors during the raising and lowering of the working platform, which is the lifting table on which the worker or the goods are placed.

Types of platform lifts according to their scissors.
Depending on the scissors contained in the lifts, they can be single or double:

1. Single: they are characterised by having a working platform, which is a flat surface, and a single set of scissors, i.e. with only two steel bars forming an X.

2.     Double: they have the same characteristics as the single ones, with the difference that the double ones have two sets of single scissors, so that when they are raised they form two Xs.

Functions of scissor lifts
Among the functions of single and double scissor lifts, their functions allude to the same functions that can be performed by a folding ladder in the home or in any household. The difference lies in the convenience of the lift table, which allows the person to move around on it to do a job, which is impossible with a ladder because it does not allow mobility with greater freedom, it is static.

With a scissor lift, the person using it can install lighting in the home, paint walls, access high areas of the home to clean comfortably, etc. Outside, it can also be used for pruning trees where the height between the person using it and the tree can be reached.

Advantages of using scissor lifts
- They have a sliding basket extension at one end to provide more space and reach. 

- Need more power to negotiate the job site and climb ramps

- In retracted position, scissor lifts can climb gradients ranging from 25% to 50%.

- Performs repetitive work

- Operator can easily move between tasks

- Has special conditions in the workplace

Scissor lifts are a valuable tool for any company or individual requiring safe and efficient work at height. They offer many advantages, such as the ability to lift heavy weights, ease of use and transport, the ability to access confined spaces and flexibility in different applications. In addition, they are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option compared to other lifting alternatives, such as cranes or scaffolding. If you are looking for a practical and versatile lifting solution, a scissor lift could be the ideal choice for you.

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