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Discover all the uses of industrial elevators.

One of the common uses of industrial elevators is the movement of large loads comfortably and quickly through the different floors of a building. Although there are many uses for industrial elevators, their main use is to speed up the movement and productivity processes of companies and industries in an adapted way.

Discover all the uses of industrial elevators.

Thanks to the diversity of doors for industrial elevators, companies have a wide range of choices, depending on the type of door. Some of the existing doors are: Automatic doors, similar to lifts doors, they are usually made of sheet metal or steel. Manual doors, installed in industries, they can also be made of stainless steel and hinged slat doors, their main advantage is space saving. Other type is the guillotine doors made of painted steel or stainless steel, with a pulley system that closes the two leaves. Choose the elevator depending on the door!

What are the advantages of industrial elevators?

The main advantage of an industrial elevator is the quick and easy installation. In some cases, civil works are not even necessary.

One of the uses of the industrial elevators is that they allow to increase the production, as well as the safety conditions for the people, since all their materials are very resistant because they allow the subjection of great weights and include parallel and rigid guides.

Industrial elevators contribute to improve the quality of life of people, because thanks to this tool saves time, since the displacement of the goods is done quickly and efficiently, it prevents injuries to employees, since it eliminates the possibility of employees carrying excessive weights, which in most cases cause discomfort in the spine or neck of the employees.

Both the price and quality of elevators are usually in line with reality. Therefore, there are elevators at economic prices. The price varies according to the maximum load that it can move, its dimensions, the type of elevator to install, the distance of displacement, the stops that it can make in its travel. These peculiarities must be taken into account when making a budget.

Industrial elevators can be made with customized designs, so you can have an elevator according to your company's requirements. For example, you can customize the platforms, the measures, the number of stops it will make, among many other options. In addition, it means low energy consumption, thanks to the evolution of both its engines and its systems, with greater energy efficiency and lower energy consumption.

Industrial elevators for goods handling

Industrial elevators are another working tool for those companies used to hard and manual work.  It is a very versatile tool, both indoors and outdoors, when we need a vertical transport for all kinds of loads or goods, and can be used in any company. But the uses of industrial elevators in particular, are usually intended for warehouses, manufacturing complexes, logistics centers and some industrial stores to improve their logistics. Since, among the uses of industrial elevators the most quoted is to move heavy loads that no group of people could support by itself. For this reason, it is distinguished from a lift because there are no buttons on the inside of the cabin.

Small industrial elevators are: dumbwaiters for the hotel and catering industry and mini elevators. The former, made of stainless steel, are used to transport both ready meals and the necessary raw materials in restaurants. Or even in clothing stores, in offices, parcel delivery companies, or for example, in the clothing and accessories store "Zara". (In this store the industrial elevator is used to deliver online shopping packages to customers in the physical store).

If you have a company and you prioritize logistic speed, you will love the single column elevator, these stand out for their speed, which ranges between 10 and 20 centimeters per second. There are also two-column industrial elevators, which stand out for their ability to tolerate large loads, since these lifts are used to lift weights of more than 1500 kg. Their dimensions are usually 3 meters wide and 6 meters deep. Although they can be customized, these dimensions can vary according to the customer's needs.

There are also other elevator such as: The exclusive one, as its name indicates, only transports loads. The mixed one, moves both loads and people. Finally, the elevator for people, are elevators of reduced speed.

Now you know both the advantages and the uses of industrial elevators, that's why in Hidral we are at your disposal, contact us and we will advise you about all the uses of industrial elevators. Do not stay with any doubt!

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