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Hidral launches the ECH car lift.

Hidral joins its extensive experience in the design and construction of car lifts and heavy load lifts to create the best and most economical solution: the ECH car lift.

Designed for the vertical transportation of vehicles including their occupants, it is suitable for installation in detached house or apartment building garages, where space is at a premium.

What sets the ECH car lift apart from the rest is its two-column design which provides it with greater stability and enables it to withstand heavier loads - up to 3,500 kg – and be made up to 3 metres wide.

In accordance with the Machinery Directive, the ECH has a speed lower than 0.15 metres per second and operates with a hold-to-run button. It features a Class II photoelectric safety barrier for each entrance and automatic slat door with an electric lock for greater safety and comfort.

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ECH Car Lift

Hold-to-run button


Button Panel