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From the warehouse to the table: Why specialised lifts are important in hospitality logistics

From the warehouse to the table: Why specialised lifts are important in hospitality logistics

From the moment fresh ingredients arrive in the warehouse until they are exquisitely presented on the customer's plate, every step in the supply chain must be precise and agile. That is why devices such as service lifts emerge as fundamental parts, as they play a vital role in optimising hospitality logistics.

 The service lift has become the cornerstone of efficiency in warehouse management in the hospitality industry. These devices, designed specifically for the handling of small and medium loads in confined spaces, offer a series of benefits that revolutionise the way hospitality businesses manage their inventory and deliver fresh products to their kitchens.

Benefits of a service lift

One of the main benefits of a service lift is its ability to maximise space in warehouses and kitchens, where every inch counts. These devices are designed to operate in confined spaces, allowing for efficient vertical storage and freeing up space for other operations.

In addition, their ability to transport loads safely and quickly increases overall warehouse productivity, reducing waiting times and optimising workflows.


Improved efficiency.

A service lift in the kitchen of a catering business improves efficiency in a number of ways. Above all, it reduces the time spent by kitchen staff in transporting dishes from the kitchen to the serving area and vice versa, allowing them to concentrate on other tasks that can result in better and more efficient work.

Moreover, by eliminating the need for staff to constantly move between the kitchen and the service area, potential collisions and congestion in the workspace are minimised, which in turn increases safety and process flow.

The service lift also optimises space, as the plates are stored neatly in the lift instead of taking up space on worktables or on serving trolleys. Ultimately, by streamlining the flow of dishes, the risk of food getting cold is reduced, ensuring a more satisfying dining experience for customers.

As an added benefit, the service lift can be installed in previously unused space to maximise the efficiency of the facility.


Versatility and adaptability to any need

The versatility of the Hidral service lift goes beyond the conventional. We offer a diverse range of load capacities and adaptable configurations, as well as ensuring that each of our products is perfectly suited to the specific needs of your hospitality business.

Envision a lift that integrates seamlessly into the structural design of your building, providing a smooth workflow and maximising efficiency at every step of the operation. Every business is unique, which is why we have different models of service lifts, meticulously designed to meet the specific demands of each client.


Customising a service lift

These devices have a great capacity for customisation to adapt to the requirements of each business and its facilities. For example, more technical aspects such as the type of drive, hydraulic or electric, or the place of installation of the lift may vary.

On the other hand, the finish and the number of stops can also be personalised. The service lift can be finished in stainless steel or painted sheet metal in different colours, although light grey is the standard colour. In terms of stops per route, a maximum of 12 stops can be made, and the lift can be accessed from 3 different access points on the same level.


How is a service lift installed?

A service lift can be installed in various ways depending on the available space and the intended use. The company manufacturing the device may have the human capacity to install it or may delegate a team of professionals to carry out this process.

However, the personnel installing the lift must know in advance how many metres the lift will travel, the stops, the drive system and the dimensions of the shaft through which the lift will operate. This also includes the number of accesses to each level and how they are powered.


Order your Hidral service lift today

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