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Have you ever wondered how tomorrow's parkings will look like?

Have you ever wondered how tomorrow's parkings will look like?

Space in large cities is becoming increasingly scarce and valuable. Therefore, one of the most effective solutions to tackle this problem is the use of vehicle lifts. These devices are expected to spread widely to be present in many of the parking lots of the future, as they offer an effective way to optimise parking space and promise a series of features that will completely revolutionise parking, both in large cities and in private homes and commercial buildings.


Future trends


The car parks of the future will be equipped with intelligent space management systems, such as vehicle lifts in enclosed shafts. This solution is the closest and most accurate in terms of implementation and expansion because they are devices that optimise the use of the available space.

Regarding sustainability, the parkings of the future are expected to be more eco-friendly. The implementation of green technologies, as well as renewable energy systems and recycled materials, will reduce their environmental impact and contribute to the construction of more sustainable and resilient cities.

Finally, the car parks of the future will be defined by the integration of advanced technologies that will transform the parking experience. These spaces are expected to incorporate automated systems that allow drivers to quickly locate available spaces for efficient parking. Although, without a doubt, the installation of vehicle lifts will revolutionise parking in the short term.


Types of vehicle lifts


There are different models of vehicle lifts, which can be distinguished according to their unique characteristics in terms of maximum load capacity, route, design, safety or, even, whether passengers are allowed to travel or not.


QHV vehicle lift

This model is specially designed to be installed in public parking lots, offices, hotels or homes, among others. The hydraulic model has a maximum travel of 24 metres and can carry up to 5 tonnes of weight. We have currently introduced our new model of electric vehicle lift (QHe) with a travel of up to 30 metres (consult for longer travels), 6000 kg of load and a speed of 1 m/s.


ECH vehicle lift

This lift is perfect for places with less traffic, such as garages of single-family or multi-family homes, which do not have the possibility of incorporating a ramp due to lack of space. It has a maximum capacity of 3500 kilos and can travel up to 7 metres.


Customisation adapted to different needs


Each user has unique needs and preferences. These devices offer a highly personalised experience that improves customer satisfaction. Users can enjoy a parking experience fully adapted to their individual needs.

In addition, these transport solutions in car parks can be customised aesthetically and functionally in different ways: door colour, side protections in sheet metal or wood, inclusion of a call remote control and installation of a traffic light or a smoke extractor inside the cabin.


Benefits of vehicle lifts


The installation of this type of solutions for access to garages and car parks brings several benefits, both for the users and the environment. These advantages are applicable for devices that are used in single-family homes or for parking large residential buildings.


Maximising space

Vehicle lifts make efficient use of the available space by allowing vehicles to be moved vertically. In addition, by not using the space that would correspond to a ramp, they add parking capacity. This feature is very important in densely populated urban environments where space is scarce and demand for parking is high.


Enhanced safety

This type of solution has important security features such as vehicle centring. In this way, users can drive it inside without the risk of damaging the car.



Vertical vehicle lifts are highly adaptable and can be installed in a variety of environments, including residential, commercial and public buildings. Its modular design and customisability allow it to meet the specific needs of each project, offering tailor-made solutions for any parking situation.


Revalorisation of space

The installation of this device substantially increases the value of the space in which it is carried out, both for single-family homes and buildings. It is a solution that helps accessibility and user comfort.


Install your vehicle lift with Hidral


Hidral stands out as the undisputed leader in the manufacture of vehicle lifts. With a wide range of models and with the recent incorporation of the QHe electric model, our company is committed to excellence and innovation in the field of vertical mobility.

At Hidral we continue to push the boundaries of technology to meet the changing needs of customers around the world. With a focus on continuous innovation and exceptional customer service, Hidral is prepared to lead the parking revolution of the future.